Maxprep™ Liquid Handler: Convenient Automation of Forensic Workflows

Ann MacPhetridge, Promega

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As forensic laboratories strive to meet demands for processing increasingly higher number of samples, establishing automated workflows can improve efficiency to meet that demand. To help laboratories easily adapt automation, Promega offers the Maxprep™ Liquid Handler. It is capable of both pre-extraction sample processing and post-extraction methods, such as DNA quantification setup, normalization, STR amplification setup, and CE setup. Using these pre-programmed methods can reduce the hands-on time required for sample pre-processing and downstream reaction set up. The intuitive and easy-to-use pre-loaded methods are developed, tested and supported by Promega—eliminating the need for laboratory staff to perform any programming.

Pre-Loaded Post-Extraction Protocols

Eluate Transfers

  • Transfer eluted DNA from Maxwell® elution tubes to more permanent storage containers
  • Reformat and combine multiple Maxwell® runs from elution tubes to microplates

Quantification Setup

  • Prepare master mix on deck
  • Dilute standard curve on deck
  • Export text file with sample information to the qPCR instrument

Amplification Setup

  • Import text file with sample information from the qPCR instrument
  • Dilute samples up to 22,500-fold
  • Dilute positive controls on deck
  • Prepare master mix on deck

CE Setup

  • Accept up to four input amplification plates
  • Prepare up to two CE output plates – 184 samples
  • Prepare Formamide/ILS mix on deck