Share Your Efforts or Nominate a Friend

Unsung Heroes

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What does a hero look like to you? They are unlikely to be wearing a cape, but may be wearing a uniform, or camouflaged in plain clothes. During the COVID pandemic many of our friends and co-workers have become de facto heroes by helping others in ways both great and small.

During the pandemic many of our neighbors have suffered profound losses, from the death of someone dear to financial hardships or the stress of job loss. How have you/your colleagues/organization helped to make live better for the community? Perhaps you have delivered groceries to the elderly or organized a food pantry, whatever it is, we would like to hear. Tell us about your efforts or nominate a friend or colleague. Your work might inspire others and will serve to spread some good news in the dark time.

Tell us how you or your friends have helped lighten the load and we’ll share your good works with the forensic community. As a token of appreciation we’ll gift you a nifty t-shirt so you can share your message of hope with others.