Spectrum Family – CE Instruments Built for Your Workflow

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Forensic labs today face obstacles beyond the routine processing and analysis of casework. Increasing caseloads, backlogs and tightening budgets are just a few of these challenges.

We developed the Spectrum Family of CE instruments with the day-to-day challenges of the forensic analyst in mind. Whether you need higher throughput, 4-plate capacity and access to 8-dye technology, or simply want a smaller instrument compatible with existing 5- and 6-dye STR kits for your forensic samples, there’s a Spectrum CE System for you.

With the recently launched Spectrum Compact CE System, fast run times and the ability to run partial plates without wasting reagents will get you from A to B with the least amount of fuss. Even better, the small footprint saves the precious bench space you need to get your work done. Independent, easy to install consumables and an integrated touchscreen make for easy operation of the Spectrum Compact CE System.

Support for Existing and Future Technologies

Increased throughput and convenience is important, but any next-generation CE instrument must also integrate a new generation of STR multiplexes to handle the most demanding samples. The Spectrum CE System will support 8-color chemistry, offering several advantages over existing 6-color kits.

For starters, shifting the largest markers into new dye channels gives more room for smaller, more numerous markers that increase the likelihood of success with degraded samples. A narrower range of autosomal amplicon lengths can increase the consistency of your results. The inclusion of an internal positive control allows differentiation between inhibited and degraded samples; armed with this information, you can make better decisions on when to re-run analysis and when to move on to a different sample. And as seen in previous versions of the PowerPlex® kits, half-volume reactions can deliver the information you need while helping to stretch your budget.

Not interested in 8-color chemistry because your 6-color kit meets your current needs? We get it—not every lab will be excited at the prospect of validating new chemistry. Both the Spectrum and Spectrum Compact CE System, together with their associated analysis software, maintain backward compatibility to support existing 5- and 6-color STR kits from multiple vendors. You get to choose the chemistry and instrument that work best for your lab and without facing a lock-in as a result of a single purchase decision.

The purchase of a new CE instrument is a large investment for your lab; that commitment deserves only the highest level of performance. Promega chemistry and hardware are integrated to provide optimized results for the Spectrum Family.

Laboratories which typically process a smaller number of samples each month may find that the Spectrum Compact is the perfect fit for their lab. It processes up to 32 samples in a single run and can be controlled by either the integrated touchscreen or by additional software that allows access from any registered computer on the same network.

The Spectrum Compact CE System is now available for purchase! Learn more about how Spectrum Compact can improve your lab's workflow.

Those laboratories who are often running their CEs at full capacity will find Spectrum to be a strong workhorse. Because plate access is separate from electrophoresis, lab staff will have continuous access to any plate not currently being injected. This means that you can run partial plates and add samples on a new plate during a run already in progress—gaining scheduling flexibility while still maintaining productivity. It’s even possible to adjust plate priority, meaning those urgent cases get processed sooner. The 4-plate capacity will also double throughput to improve your lab’s workflow efficiency. The extra plate positions give much greater capacity, meaning you can get through the same number of samples with fewer CE instruments, freeing up lab space and requiring less upkeep.

Running out of bench space? Don’t need RFID plate detection or 4-plate capacity? On a tight lab budget? The Spectrum Compact CE System is perfect for you. Not only is the Spectrum Compact CE System simple to set up and operate, related consumables such as pre-filled buffers and polymer are available in convenient packaging. All consumables use 2D barcoding to track key information.

Unparalleled Support

We offer on-site installation and training for both instruments, software and STR kits, as well as timely on-site repair and preventative maintenance service to ensure minimal interruption of your lab operations. A team of experienced field service engineers and support scientists will ensure a seamless installation and provide on-site training for your staff to get your lab up and running on a Spectrum instrument as quickly as possible.

In need of Validation Services? Our team of former practitioners will use their experience and expertise to design a customized validation solution to fit your laboratory’s needs and preferred scope of work. Rest assured, the Validation Services program’s final products will be in compliance with current forensic guidelines and standards for your laboratory. Our collaborative approach will ensure a seamless implementation of the Spectrum CE System or Spectrum Compact CE System.

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